Universal Perfumes & Cosmetics Givenchy 3 Eye Brush Case Review

Universal Perfumes & Cosmetics Givenchy 3 Eye Brush Case

  • Givenchy Brush Details The perfect companion for Nicolas Degennes’ Croisire Healthy Glow Powder, the Kabuki brush provides a completely natural and even finish, thanks to its large, round, beveled shape, powers glides on without harsh lines or blotchiness
  • A ball-shaped brush Helps create a subtle uniform veil makeup result Its shape ensures holding & applying powder effect Suitable for applying any powder foundation Expertly crafted & made of quality hair
  • One shade. Perfect for every skin tone.
  • It’s the Saturday after a great Friday night out with friends and all of the pictures are being posted online for the world to see.
  • With just one glance you know that your makeup is just not quite right. Either way, it’s not pretty and you need a solution. Ladies, Givenchy’s got all of you covered!

Givenchy is a single-shade, completely sheer loose powder that’s perfect for every skin color and tone, from lightest to darkest.

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