The Eye Master Collection By JACLYN HILL Review

The Eye Master Collection By JACLYN HILL

  • Jaclyn Hill can rock a killer eye look like no other. Have a staring contest with her using her 8 go-to blending and buffing powerhouses.

Design:The Eye Master Collection

COLLECTION INCLUDES: JH30 – Beast Mode Blender Brush (natural) JH32 – Transition Blender Brush (natural) JH33 – Universal Blender Brush (natural) JH39 – Inner Corner Highlight Brush ( synthetic) JH40 – Precise Blender Brush (natural) JH41 – All Over Lid Brush (blend of synthetic and natural) JH42 – Brow Bone Highlight Brush (natural) JH43 – Eyeliner Smudge Brush (synthetic) Master Bag – Small By Morphe

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