Nanshy Tapered Crease Brush Review

Nanshy Tapered Crease Brush

  • Clean, sharp angle for even coverage and excellent precision
  • Soft & Safe Even For The Most Sensitive Skin
  • Designed in UK. Extensively tested and hand assembled
  • Sensually soft vegan-friendly synthetic bristle head
  • Long lasting wood handle covered in a pearl finish

Try Nanshy’s tapered crease brush today and discover a tool that can take on multiple jobs!

Nanshy tapered crease brushes are the perfect solution for those who want versatility in their beauty tools. This applicator is constructed with a strong wood handle that’s covered in a luxurious pearl finish. A chrome ferrule is attached and provides a secure way to keep the soft bristles in place. Each Nanshy makeup brush is shed resistant, antibacterial and made to vegan standards.

Polish your favorite makeup designs with the tapered crease brush! This tool is shaped and sized to fit easily into the eye crease. Build shadows and highlights then use the ultra-soft bristle head to carefully blend shadow colors. Work out harsh lines to produce an exquisitely smooth appearance that looks professionally applied!

From contouring to blending, Nanshy’s tapered crease brush will give you more flexibility every time you sit down to put on makeup!


  • Wooden handle with beautiful pearl finish
  • Smooth, soft bristles that are totally vegan
  • Offers a bristle head that contours and blends
  • Antibacterial properties help prevent blemishes
  • Assembled and tested. Designed in UK.

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