Eye Contour Brush By ABT Advanced Beauty Tools With Storage Pouch Review

Eye Contour Brush By ABT Advanced Beauty Tools With Storage Pouch

  • Brush: About 6.5”
  • Advanced Beauty Tools Brush Collection: 001; Chrome Eye Contour Brush; Chrome-Color Handles; 100% Animal Free; NuFibre Brushes; Mimics Feel & Performance Of Animal Hair; Each Fiber Has Microscopic Patterns On The Shaft To Lift & Efficiently Apply Cosmetics
  • Fibers Hold Shape Longer & Resist Water, Oils & Other Contaminants; Apply Powders Or Liquid Products; Storage Pouch Keeps Brush Clean & Preserves Shape

Properly applied contour can transform your innocent eyes into weapons of mass seduction. Go from day to smoldering hot night with a few strokes of the Eye Contour Brush by Advanced Beauty Tools. The inverted water-drop shape facilitates targeted application at the crease. The fluffed ends allow you to sweep and softly blend. Professional makeup artists know that high-quality brushes are as important as the cosmetics themselves. Animal hair brushes are a popular choice due to their impeccable texture and performance, but many people have allergies to animal hair. Even mild allergies that you are not aware of can cause irritation and breakouts. The revolutionary NuFibre eye contour brush offers the premium performance of natural animal hair without the risk of skin irritation. The drawstring pouch will preserve the brush for years to come.

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