Elevatione Time Stops Eye Contouring Brush Review

Elevatione Time Stops Eye Contouring Brush

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BRUSH № 7 – Ideal for detail work, contouring, and smudging shadow into lash line for smoky eye effect. Directions for Use After applying eye shadow, use the brush to apply dark colors to contour the frame of the eye and/or light colors just under the brow bone or to inner corners of the eyes. Blend well. How to Clean After each use gently wipe on a damp soft cloth or tissue paper and let it air dry. For weekly deep cleaning: wash gently with brush cleansing soap under warm running water. Rinse well, avoid water getting to the ferrule, and squeeze out excess liquid with a towel. Reshape the bristles to their original shape. Air dry completely on a clean towel. Other Info Storage: 5-25 °C If used regularly, replace the brush every 6 to 12 months Brush composition: synthetic fibers hair / wooden handle / aluminum ferrule.

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